Trollstation UK ‘the best place for pranks on Youtube’ channel has moved! – @TrollstationYT @GomesAHTV

After a few weeks wondering where my usual prank fix from my online dealer troll station was, I realised that their channel had been un-active for month+. Upon going on their twitter page they had issued these statements:




But after a video popped up on my subscription feed from Grime report TV and Big nasty I found out there’s good news! they are back on a fresh new youtube channel! TrollStationYT still upto no good and disturbing the peace, so re-subscribe and get liking their videos once more before the police try anything again! Hang tite gomez and the gang! Bun the pigs!

Here is a sample of their work if you haven’t heard of them before. Enjoy!

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Written by @JinkJones

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