Trollstation UK ‘the best place for pranks on Youtube’ channel has moved! – @TrollstationYT @GomesAHTV

After a few weeks wondering where my usual prank fix from my online dealer troll station was, I realised that their channel had been un-active for month+. Upon going on their twitter page they had issued these statements:   But after a video popped up on my subscription feed from... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] Fighting in public prank (Via @TrollStationUK & @HeDarkie)

Trollstation have done it again! Are you dumb blood? I'm promoting this video blood!? Ay blood do you wanna take this outside? Trollstation are absolute gems for doing such pranks. Their videos are intentionally meant to offend the public to get outrageous reactions and have us off our seats holding our stomachs with laughter. They... Continue Reading →

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