Time for Heists with the Mandem! – Hood: Outlaws and Legends INFORMATION – 4DMDM

https://youtu.be/jia1mo48xl0 In todays For the mandem we are taking a look at Hood: Outlaws and legends. I hope that the mandem that only play FIFA or warzone can break out of their shell and try something new. Here we look at all the information given on the official website about this upcoming game. This video... Continue Reading →

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What I learned from Hosting the Online campaign for: Simple Showdown Berzerk

Hello! My name is Alexander Rose, I am a 32-year-old diabetic student from London. My whole life I have always wanted to be a part of greatness and create a brand that everyone can enjoy and build a significant amount of love for. Realising that I wasn't achieving this status in my life at 28... Continue Reading →

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