(Video) LIVE ON NOOBTUBE IN 2018! – [Noob Saibot Mortal Kombat Armageddon Playthru]

Apologies for the poor video as there a problem with the recording software. I plan to do every character in this game and find out their story so I promise that the next video will not be as shoddy. Love and Chinese chicken. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE FIGHTING GAME GOODNESS! FOLLOW DOS GRANDE: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Dosmaxi/... Continue Reading →

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Rainbow 6 Siege Custom Operation: UBIWAVE, Retro the Watch Dog Operator

OPERATION UBIWAVE is a custom season I (JinkJones) have created out of my love for Rainbow 6: Siege. I love it when companies capitalise on their other owned IPs, recently I platinumed Watch Dogs 2 on the PS4 and it got me thinking.. If at the end of this Annual DLC pack UBISOFT was to... Continue Reading →


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