[REVIEWOR] A$AP Ferg – TrapLord [Album]


I would absolutely recommend this you go get this album NOW. There is not one tune that is not a banger. I have listened to this Album over and over, and over again. I swear my initial thoughts before listening to this album was that i thought i was going to listen to two or three songs and delete it off my phone A$AP (Get it?). But no, It reminded me of an Outkast album, with hardcore trap tunes, Hoe lovin’ tunes and singing tunes that both suit Ferg’s voice. Theres even a tune that sounds a lot like a NWA/Dr Dre/Easy E tune called ‘F$%k out my face’.

Add the perfect instrumentals with the basslines flavour that makes you think ‘This is dirty… this cant be dirty, let me do a double take..’ and then you end up reloading the tune.

I really do intend to listen to this album till I can’t take it any more. I say buy it and enjoy it. I will be checking out the whole of the A$AP crews’ stuff. I may be surprised by thier stuff too as I was here, and you maybe too.

My favourite song off the album is ‘Fergivicious’, if you listen to it, make sure you have the best subs connected or high quality bass headphones.

[* * * * *] A Five Star album. Highly Recommend.

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Written by @JinkJones


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