[TUNE OF THE DAY] Durrty Skanx – F*ck Around ft Roachee & Rawz Artilla (@DurrtySkanx) via @THEGrimeReport

If UK rap collaborated with grime more often, this would be the outcome and even though i cannot stand a lot of the UK rap scene I love this tune. Imagine I only discovered it just now cos lordie uploaded a 16 second clip of the video due out tomorrow over on the grime report youtube... Continue Reading →

Trollstation UK ‘the best place for pranks on Youtube’ channel has moved! – @TrollstationYT @GomesAHTV

After a few weeks wondering where my usual prank fix from my online dealer troll station was, I realised that their channel had been un-active for month+. Upon going on their twitter page they had issued these statements: https://twitter.com/TrollStationUk/status/400968799249502208   https://twitter.com/TrollStationUk/status/403552909779935232   https://twitter.com/TrollStationUk/status/405345354604109824   But after a video popped up on my subscription feed from... Continue Reading →

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