Simple Showdown – The Dramatic eSports Battle


SIMPLE SHOWDOWN: Dos Grande vs LuckBox Q

luckboxq vs.png
















“What is SIMPLE SHOWDOWN?” would like to present to ‘Simple Showdown’ – The dramatic esports battle initiative

Simple showdown is a project that has been on the mind of our creative team for awhile
. Imagine WWE mixed with esports.. Individual characters each with their own meaningful storyline that will be played out and uploaded to YouTube. There will be Factions. Heel turns. Baby faces. People you love to hate. People you hate to love. But instead of scripted wrestling matches, they will be faced with real life gaming challenges online or face to face at pay per view type event announced every month or two that will directly uploaded to YouTube and live streamed to twitch TV in the future. For example – The general manager can announce that they will be playing a level on crash bandicoot or super Mario 64 where they will be timed on who will finish it the fastest.. Or a match directly against each other on super smash brothers or tekken. Horror themed PPV? Alright? Who can play slenderman and get all the pages before the other?

The possibilities are endless. And the matches will be legit, Not scripted, what ever happens in that match will effect the storyline
For that character in the upcoming weeks.

The supporters decide!
We believe in you, the supporters, and we believe that you could play a big part in helping us deliver the best product. This is why we would like you to help us decide PPV themes, games and challenges as we prepare to launch the product. We are very open to suggestions and we will pick some of the best and able suggestions to be voted on.

We are currently promoting our Simple Showdown Online Edition series where Our objective is to team up with well know celebrities (who are secret gamers) and other YouTubers to create an one off match up event that will be hyped up by video promos and voice statements. (An example of this is located on the iRundis Entourage YouTube page under the name of JinkJones (iRD) vs C Gritz (BBK) PromoTapes) – why would any celebrity or YouTubers be interested in participating in this? Well for example a music artist may have an album or single coming out that they may want to be promoted a bit more than they have done so far. We will help promote your track/album all month wide on our website, Twitter and YouTube to help you even more. Fans love it even more if the person  they have an interest in can be relatable to them in any way and more likely will be willing to invest in them. YouTube collaborations? This is a perfect chance to put the fans against the fans and let them represent who they like to watch more. This is a great way to expand the two YT brands and create more supporters for each.

We see potential in this product because we believe there isn’t a media market for this kind of work and believe that it could be fun for both the creators and the viewers.

Interested? Let us know! Please email or contact us on Twitter @irdentourage to set up a match now for the SS:OE series. (You must have a Playstation 3 or 4 console or Xbox 360 or Xbox one console or Wii-U console with online capabilities and at least a little bit of skill) 😉

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