Time for Heists with the Mandem! – Hood: Outlaws and Legends INFORMATION – 4DMDM

https://youtu.be/jia1mo48xl0 In todays For the mandem we are taking a look at Hood: Outlaws and legends. I hope that the mandem that only play FIFA or warzone can break out of their shell and try something new. Here we look at all the information given on the official website about this upcoming game. This video... Continue Reading →

FIRST IMPRESSIONS // 10 Useful Tips to Build Positive Relationships Before Saying Hello

http://youtu.be/O3Q-GHurZYo Being sociable is a major part of life and when it comes to meeting new people theres no second chances at making a great first impression. So heres TEN useful tips to follow and build positive relationships from the get go. In this episode @Olivertography reveals one of his many awkward moments, can you... Continue Reading →

Trollstation UK ‘the best place for pranks on Youtube’ channel has moved! – @TrollstationYT @GomesAHTV

After a few weeks wondering where my usual prank fix from my online dealer troll station was, I realised that their channel had been un-active for month+. Upon going on their twitter page they had issued these statements: https://twitter.com/TrollStationUk/status/400968799249502208   https://twitter.com/TrollStationUk/status/403552909779935232   https://twitter.com/TrollStationUk/status/405345354604109824   But after a video popped up on my subscription feed from... Continue Reading →

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