From midnight Lord of the Mics 5 has been out officially for 12hrs plus, As always the quality is very high after initial doubts of the line-up this year with All clashes very deep in their own ways. We brought it and have our opinion on the final product with each clash being judged individually with our given winner of each one.

lotm d2

D2 v Eyez

This is my most anticipated clash on the whole DVD. Invasion is definitely the best in brum hands down, no questions asked but I was unsure about D2, his hype session wasnt that great due to the beat being a bit off beat and making him sound off-key, and to be honest I had hardly heard of him before, Just mainly Jaykae, Sox and Depz (RIP). Eyez’s Hype session on the other hand was off the chain, his bars were jokes and were really and truly clash bars, and him getting gassed at the end got me gassed too so it lifted the spirit that i had towards the DVD. I had never heard of Eyez before this also I must add. Now, investing some time and research into these lads and hearing D2 on Hitman’s BDay set, and Eyez on Rinse FM’s ‘The Grime Show’ with Sir Spyro dropping Bars that got me even more gassed for the clash.

Anyway the clash, getting into the first minute of it Eyez started off a bit sloppy, off beat and that, D2 comes in casual with the disgusting Invasion flow that is a that decided it almost instantly for me, so sick. But then Eyez comes back again not catching the beat properly. It wasn’t moving his favour. BUT i stopped taking note of it, nerves get the best of us at times like that. Analysing his bars properly from then and heading into round two, where he started first again i might add, this time on beat, dropped one of the best bars of the clash – “Your arabic chick, she wanted to meet me, i got her on BB, you gotta believe me, she cooked me some food, I told her hurry up feed me, Yalla Habibi, Yalla Habibi” (Arabic for “Lets go, my love”, Let me point out that D2 is Arabic).Way Too Deep. Love that use of brainage and research arabic phrases. D2 spits his bars and after drops his 16, Eyez flops again spitting the same bars he just spat. From then we + he kinda knew he wasn’t in the right mindset. D2 continued to set things alight from there. D2’s best bar to me is – ‘POW, thats a crazy link up, your heads wavey without the drink-up’, that set my dirty screw-face skank off! In round 3 and the bonus round Eyez did come A LOT harder, but by then D2 had proven himself. I did love the remix of each others bars through-out the whole clash, that is what makes grime music sick in the clash scene. “I DID IT I DID IT I DID IT!!” (D2 original bar) to “EYEZ DID IT, EYEZ DID IT, EYEZ DID IT!” (Eyez remixed bar).

Clearly one of the best clashes on the DVD, I do rate Eyez HIGHLY, but in this, Invasion takes it again.


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You can buy and Pre-order it and/or watch it at on itunes or buy the hardback copy from the official website You also get a music album free with it full of grime for your pleasure!

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Written by @JinkJones

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