[Reviewor] (Lord of the Mics V) – Blizzard v Big Shizz #LOTMV @iamblizzard @Lifeofshizz @LordOfTheMics


From midnight Lord of the Mics 5 has been out officially for 12hrs plus, As always the quality is very high after initial doubts of the line-up this year with All clashes very deep in their own ways. We brought it and have our opinion on the final product with each clash being judged individually with our given winner of each one.


Blizzard v Big Shizz

VERY BIG CLASH, these two definitely show that it doesn’t matter what colour you are that you don’t need to be black to be some of the best to listen to in the grime scene. Blizzard has a nice flow that fits and rides on the beat perfectly while Big Shizz has that dutty old school grime flow with east london hooks that allow us to sing along even though we don’t know his clash bars at all, his homage to Jammer is the best bar of the whole clash – “I lick you in the head with the pool stick, and leave his face all sore, till you can’t recognise his jaw, like you’ve seen on the DVD before”.. Sick. This clash is very close for me as I don’t try to be bias but if I have to choose a winner it’s Big Shizz due to the sing along bars and aggressive style that would get me overly hyped if I heard him on a set. I will definitely check him out in the future, but i don’t really feel the same about Blizzard only because I know his music wouldn’t relate to me for me to want to download it or buy it. Discarda’s negative input did make me want to take points away from Big Shizz though, the clash wasn’t with him so making Blizzard come off beat and flop is unfair.

WINNER: Big Shizz

I would  like to see Big Shizz v Merky Ace, that would be so deep, way too deep.

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You can buy and Pre-order it and/or watch it at on itunes or buy the hardback copy from the official website http://lordofthemics.co.uk/. You also get a music album free with it full of grime for your pleasure!

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Written by @JinkJones

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