[VIDEO] The history of Lord of the Mics featuring @Jammerbbk in the Legendary Basement #LOTM6 (Via. BoilerRoom)

Watch how jammer explains how the lord of the mics DVD was thought of and started, the history of the basement and who has he worked with. To me this is very nostalgic as i remember being like 15 and my boys at school would say that they have this sick DVD and we should... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] Lord of the mics 6 @KingPMoney & @bighofficial hype talk on Charlie Sloth Show (Via. LOTM)

In anticipation of the 'most anticipated clash in grime history' we join Big H, P money and Jammer on Charlie Sloths show on 1Xtra. With the clash just over 24 hours away what can we expect? Will Big H turn up? Will P money take out the self proclaimed 'Grime lord'?.. We'll find out tomorrow... Continue Reading →

From midnight Lord of the Mics 5 has been out officially for 12hrs plus, As always the quality is very high after initial doubts of the line-up this year with All clashes very deep in their own ways. We brought it and have our opinion on the final product with each clash being judged individually... Continue Reading →

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