[VIDEO] Lord of the mics 6 @KingPMoney & @bighofficial hype talk on Charlie Sloth Show (Via. LOTM)

In anticipation of the 'most anticipated clash in grime history' we join Big H, P money and Jammer on Charlie Sloths show on 1Xtra. With the clash just over 24 hours away what can we expect? Will Big H turn up? Will P money take out the self proclaimed 'Grime lord'?.. We'll find out tomorrow... Continue Reading →

[Reviewor] (Lord of the Mics V) – Blizzard v Big Shizz #LOTMV @iamblizzard @Lifeofshizz @LordOfTheMics

From midnight Lord of the Mics 5 has been out officially for 12hrs plus, As always the quality is very high after initial doubts of the line-up this year with All clashes very deep in their own ways. We brought it and have our opinion on the final product with each clash being judged individually... Continue Reading →

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