[VIDEO] Fighting in public prank (Via @TrollStationUK & @HeDarkie)

troll station

Trollstation have done it again! Are you dumb blood? I’m promoting this video blood!? Ay blood do you wanna take this outside? Trollstation are absolute gems for doing such pranks. Their videos are intentionally meant to offend the public to get outrageous reactions and have us off our seats holding our stomachs with laughter. They are also the owners of the ‘Guy celebrates GTA V  release by commiting GTA prank’ that was on ird-ent.com last month. The two pranksters we are promoting today, Darkie and Jermaine’s chemistry together fit together perfectly, from when I saw the ‘moving food in pecknarm prank’ and the prequel to this prank ‘play fighting in public prank part 1’ I instantly knew it was time to subscribe to their channel.

The basis of this prank is to go to crowded areas and approach someone to inquire something, but then another person will come out of no where and cut the original person off resulting in the two of them in an argument. From there, all hell breaks loose, but its all fun and games of course. Please enjoy this video as much as i did and watch out for the ‘Do you think you’re bad’ part, i was dead and buried from there.

Subscribe to their channel if you didn’t subscribe when i told you the first time, by clicking here and follow both @TrollstationUK and one of the pranksters @Hedarkie on twitter. 

They also have a few halloween pranks that they have done recently that I will be sharing with ya’ll tomorrow for the iRD halloween special, look out for that! 

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