iRD Halloween Feature: Top 3 games that scared me in my childhood.

Its Halloween, the day of the demons, the day where the witches and devils come out to play, the day where.. Anyone who doesn’t agree with the evil wishes of others will never return… *Cue spooky music and eerie ghost sounds*. Today iRD has a Manor of features to share with you on this devilish day and this is one of them. I myself SpookJones, am gonna show you the top 3 games of my lifetime that had me deeply terrified in my youth and hopefully you can relate.



3rd – Doom 3

Doom 3 is a quite recent one compared to the other two, released when i was 14 back in 2004, this game did stuff to me. You play as a soldier sent to a space station on mars in the future researching things like teleportation and advance weapon design. You are roaming the space station on a mission for your sargent to visit a scientist working on the said teleportation device. whilst the machine enters the testing phase, it ‘accidentally’ teleports demons and monsters from hell.. and all hell breaks loose, literally.. Yeah… oops. Anyway, Zombies, zombie soldiers who shoot back at you, monsters who claw and throw fireballs at you, tall ass skeleton dudes who have rocket launcher mounted to their backs and tons of other things that jump out of the darkness to tear out and do stuff with your innards. It’s mad because the whole game is set to be very dark. In the old version of the game you could only choose to have out a flashlight or a gun at any one time. So use your imagination as to how you may only be able to hear something and shoot, or see something and melee hit it with a flashlight. But thats not all, the worst and scariest part is ‘the dog’. The dog is a big canine-ish monster that is literally twice the size of you that moves very very fast. Now, ill never forget playing this on my xbox at my brother’s house with my older sister and little brother when we were first introduced to the dog. In the game we enter a room that locks the door behind us. There is nothing in the room but a button and a glass window. So we press the button to be put into a cutscene where we see  that the dog is above us on a catwalk about to jump down. By now our mouths are fully open thinking omg, what is that. It jumps down and sees us through the window… This thing aint dumb.. it goes to the door we entered through and starts ramming it, denting the metal. Way too deep. Now the thing realises, it isn’t going to get through to us that way… So what does it do? simply comes back around the corner and smashes straight through the glass and starts biting us with its nasty ass teeth. Me and my siblings screamed so loud that im pretty sure the neighbours were worried enough to call 999. Madness, You can relive this memory with me in the video below. I did manage to complete this game though with a friend back on the xbox 1 via system link, that was a very triumphant day.



2nd – Resident Evil

Resident evil was the game that literally showed me fear. One day my mum and dad came back with a game that i wouldn’t even look at twice in magazines. How nice of them. Resident evil made me paranoid from when i was 7 until i was 9. I used to sit in the bath thinking zombies were coming up the stairs for me or gonna climb through my window. I also had to sleep with a light and a radio on all night. It messed with my head. At the time, to me, the graphics were the most realistic thing i had ever seen in my life so imagine how the image of zombies and lickers used to play in my head as soon as night time hit. It was deep. What haunted me the most is my mum and dad kept it in my room in the draw by my desk so i always knew it was nearby. I even tried to bury it in the garden. I just remember sitting in the front room with my mum, dad, two little brothers and older sister watching it, hearing it with no one in the room making any sound, it was just a very creepy atmosphere. scarred me for ever man. Well… Not forever, but for 2 years atleast. The resident evil series now is one of my favorite series because even though when i was young and i was scared of it i was still intrigued by it. So obviously now as i have gotten older i researched about it and realised it has quite an interesting storyline. But i don’t think i could ever handle a zombie outbreak, i think i would just freeze.




1st – Rugrats: Search for Reptar 

Its a kids show, its a kids game.. but who ever made this game, which i think was nickelodeon, has a sick and twisted mind. Its was scary, they took the messed up things from the TV show and put them in here to scare little ones out of their skins. The game itself was poorly made but had many different mini games as challenges.. Now one of them is when chucky and tommy go to the park and do their usual gallivanting and end up in a hedge maze, a harmless hedge maze. So you gain control of tommy and Chucky follows, obviously you do the normal thing to do as a child faced with a maze which is to solve it. So I did that… as I get like half way through the maze, i find myself come to a hedge end. My little brain thought okay cool, so i turned around to continue back the way i came and – OMG THERE WAS A HUGE GOOSE FLAPPING AND SQUAWKING MADLY TOWARD ME FOLLOWING ME.. STALKING ME! I had a heart attack and paused the game, sat there for a moment to wonder what the hell just happen and then proceeded to turn it off. From then life and dreams were shattered. All sense of sanity was drained and taken away from me.  I didn’t play that game for months. Then i mustered up the courage to play it again. This time avoiding that stage. Deciding to play the golf stage this time. Now with this, you play an innocent game of minigolf with the other kids, phil, lil and chucky. It was fun, i was loving it, it was the best experience of golfing in my life. Then i notice you can actually put down the golf club and explore. Silly me. I get to a level with a big pyramid in the corner. i go around to the back of it, to see that it had an entrance… as I enter, I see tons of reptar bars (The collectables in the game) inside, im like yes! so i start collecting them. get about 30 now, and then.. He comes out the corner. Mr friend.



Watch footage of him here

Hope you enjoyed hearing my pain. please feel free to share yours in the comment section below.



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