Good news, website now & we are hiring!


Good news, this website is now (Formally making everything official and more easier to access, this is a big milestone for myself so expect alot more posts on here. Also I am looking another editor who wants experience and and is enthusiastic, who wants to meet music artists, talented people, visit events as VIPs and wants to learn or already knows about video editing. I am willing to teach and i am also willing to learn from you, and it’s easy, so please do not feel discouraged to apply. I can take 1 person on, or i can take 4, it doesn’t matter. all you have to do is write about what interests and if it may interest others.

If you are taken on you will receive your own account to post and edit officially for this site, also a personalised company email address, for example, First dibbs on event invitations as press coverage to record video and take pictures, meet celebs and musical artist, review games and movies, guidance from myself but most importantly ‘Experience’. It doesn’t require your full time attention. you can post once a day or 5 times a day, once a week or 20 times a week, But this is a thing that can be added to CV’s and can get you into a journalist job in the future which is what I am also aiming for. This is no longer a hobby for me, this is now an official company and i want to build it with others.

(This is a Non-paying job, this is strictly to gain experience and reference for the future, there may be chances to earn money or gifts from companies but this not guaranteed at all)

For all enquiries please contact and i will respond accordingly.


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