[VIDEO] Battlefield 4 single player looks amazing!

This game is an absolute beautiful piece of grace. I have always had faith in DICE and their battlefield games and this one is kicking water out of the pool and splashing the little kids and making them cry. The graphics, the scenery, the military driven brown haired girl and other characters all make this trailer shine. The storyline looks promising and the colours suit the settings they are in. This is definitely a day one buy when i buy my PS4, ive mentioned this before. After an VIP exclusive play at eurogamer expo on one of the unshown to the public maps, my decision was made there and then. Also playing the beta when it was out confirmed it too. Can’t wait until its in my arms. See you soon battlefield.

Also look out for the main character of BF4 taking the piss out of the new featured dog of the call of duty series, you’ll know when you see it. 🙂


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