As promised, the iRD Original 'We are iRD' where you get to know the members of iRD on a higher level. We introduce you Manager of iRD, JinkJones. He shares the origins of the name of iRundis and how it started. He also shares his vision of where he intends to take the company. WE... Continue Reading →

Lord of the Mics 5 out at midnight! #LOTMV @LordofTheMics

Just a quick reminder, Lord of the mics, the biggest ever grime battle DVDs' newest edition is out at midnight. Featuring Maxsta v Lil Nasty, Grimmy v Grim Sickers, Blizzard v Big Shizz, Lil choppa vs Zeo, Proton v Realz and the one i'm most looking forward to is D2 v Eyez. You can buy... Continue Reading →

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