[VIDEO] The Kronikles of Loc-E | Bike God tourney #2 – Donkey Kong [GTA V]

Jinkjones, Ro Mania & Shyolite continue to duke it out to determine who is the 'Bike God' in the second part! MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE FOR THE REST! Ro-Mania Youtube Channel [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH5defvi3Om8dUnHN8L8fbQ] Shyolite Youtube Channel [https://www.youtube.com/user/Shyolite] - This post was written by @jinkJones, follow @iRDEntourage for more news, music, games and fashion. We do competitions... Continue Reading →

[Series] My Girl Bayonetta [Season One]

Shes finally here! Season 1 of 'My Girl Bayonetta' is now in rotation over on the Irundis Entourage Youtube channel! Guaranteed Pervy moments for the mandem, and relatable weave jokes for the galdem! What more can you ask for?! We Have put alot into this series and would only ask for you to watch the... Continue Reading →

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