[Game event invite] Capcom & Legacy of Minds Present ‘Keep It Classy’ USFIV Edition (Croydon)

Capcom & Legacy of Minds Present 'Keep It Classy' USFIV Edition - 25th/26th July 2014 Join us for the best and only Ultra street-fighter IV tournament in Croydon. Legacy of minds will be serving up a corkscrew cross of blows in DICE BAR in CROYDON to help celebrate the release of the USFIV by hosting... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] Battlefield 4 single player looks amazing!

This game is an absolute beautiful piece of grace. I have always had faith in DICE and their battlefield games and this one is kicking water out of the pool and splashing the little kids and making them cry. The graphics, the scenery, the military driven brown haired girl and other characters all make this... Continue Reading →

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