[VIDEO] Sony take us to re-live our life with play station from PS1 – PS4 |#4ThePlayers


This is a really cool retrospective video of our lives growing up with Sony Playstation. From the boot up screen, the PS1 games and magazines scattered on the floor, the lingo and dress sense and old school decks to the gradual move forward a few years to the ps2 with the Footlocker Nike boxes, Big blue ps2 box and updated accurately redecorated bedroom. Everything seems so true in the video, it even made me smile when I saw the PS4 because the room looked exactly like what my set up will be, clean and uncluttered. I know this because I have my space underneath my TV ready and waiting fo my PS4. Watch it and you’ll feel the nostalgia that it gave me, unless you were a strictly Nintendo or Xbox guy, if that’s the case, we cant help you here. Enjoy the video below 🙂

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