Reviewor Music: Chance The Rapper – Acid Rap


Chance the rappers mixtape ‘Acid Rap’ severely surprised me. He has a big Sean musical structure to his tunes, very smart lyrics, but less talking about money and more about life. This concoction of sugar and acid spice is definitely a beautiful thing to spend time with. Every tune had me thinking I was at a live concert. I love the energy and vibes it brings. It has soulful tunes to slow jams, slow jams to deep Rap tunes. If you find time to listen this thing of divine bliss make sure you listen and enjoy ‘cocoa butter kisses’ and ‘Lost’ my two favourite tunes from it.

‘Chance the rapper – Lost’

The musical rating system we use here on irdent is not A count of 1 – 10, we rate in how long we reckon it will stay on our phone before we get bored and delete it.

I don’t think I’ll get get bored of this anytime soon. I have listened to the mixtape 4 times in two days and I love it more and more each time, even tweeting lyrics on Twitter. It has made an impact so there is no estimated time that I will delete this masterpiece, and to think it’s only his mixtape!

I say definitely pick up and Take a chance.

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