[Video] JinkJones Plays: The Stanley Parable Demo [Full Playlist]


The stanley parable is a game that is its own kind. This first person story book title has never been done before and if it has, I have never ever played anything like it. Its a game that tells a story and based on what you do while the story is relaying, for example, choosing to stay in a room long than you have to or pressing a button that you’re not meant to press makes the outcome of your story different to anyone elses. The narrator guides you and points you in the right direction but you don’t exactly have to heed to his words. Its fun, and it takes some while to engross yourself in the story but once you do, your decision may end up in you regretting a whole lot.

There is a sample of me playing the full demo below, enjoy and if i get 10 likes between the two youtube vids, i will buy the full game and do a youtube play through and FINISH it this time. Sooooo Get to liking!

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