[Video] Yeah so someone made the Transformers Theme tune into a SlowJam..

Just listen to it and let the chills fill your spine from top to bottom. The chorus is DEEP. The voice changer is perfect! So is the rapping. We are now keeping an eye on the channel to see if any nostalgic videogame/TV show slowjams get released, so keep in check here everyday! iRDENTERS ROLL... Continue Reading →

[Tune of the day] ‘Biggie smalls – Kick in the Door’ chosen by @DeeveeMusic

This afternoon whilst in a PS4 party chat with my boys Intro and Deevee, i asked what should be the tune of day should be and Deevee selected this tune. Why? Cos some idiotic deliveryman wasn't respecting his sleep time and woke man up. So he wanted to go downstairs and Kick in the door... Continue Reading →

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