[Tune of the Day] Beyonce ft Jay Z. – Drunk in Love (15/12/13)

Never reaaaally been a bey fan, I do adore her tunes but i’ve never thought to buy her albums or nun like that. All weekend ive been hearing bare hype about her, I still don’t really know why.. I think she dropped a video album on a random tip. Anyway with that said, I kept hearing about her tune drunk in love. I had ignored it all before but seeing the video posted by someone on Facebook I thought I’d press play. Listening to it makes me think YESSSSSSSSSSSSS. This is another banger… Bangers are all that she seems to make. Love her new vibe, cant wait to hear this in a club. My favourite part is the breakdown after Jay’s verse. If i could, i would make tunes like this. Very motivational. I just need vocalists. Anyway enough of me babbling on. Enjoy!

Buy her Video Album called ‘Beyonce’ Here! – http://smarturl.it/beyoncevisualalbum

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