[iRDtroducing2U] James Blake Feat. Chance The Rapper – Life round here remix


James blake, to me is a talented guy who makes a beautiful unique sound. Randomly coming across him on youtube by viewing his coachella set, and randomly being reminded of him by an ex of mine, i have invested a lot of time in his music, and trust me i don’t have a lot of time to give. His albums ‘James Blake‘ and ‘Overgrown‘ have had residence on my phone for a few months and are not going anywhere. The tune that stood out for me on the latest album Overgrown was a track called ‘Life round here‘. Its soft but has be the best drum pattern in the world and to a fellow producer this is a lot. It was even my ringtone for a month. Anyway recently i came across a freestyle on the same Life round here track on soundcloud. It received multiple replays instantly, and i fell in love. Chance the rapper’s flow and style is on point. So in my browsing of the internets today I came across the video to it. So i want to share it with you. Inhale and exhale while listening and thank me later.

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