[What to expect this week] Wolfenstein New order & Watch_Dogs Reviewors, @BodyGUY, Upcoming projects & More!

Hey guys.. apologies for the past week and a half of no content on here.. Been caught up with a couple of games, Wolfenstein: new order & Watch dogs on the PS4. I have been trying to 100% them both so i can give them though-rough Reviewor scores. Its mad, shouldn’t have left it so long to post stuff though, its bad I know, but atleast you know that the Reviewor will come from the heart.

WolfensteinTheNewOrder news_icon_1044

Also we have a new series coming out later tonight for you all to get involved with. We are launching our iRundis Discussion podcast where we set a serious topics that we want you to comment on. Majority of the shows will be hosted by myself but will feature guests and friends. The first one will be ‘How you feel when an Ex has a kid on the way’ and will be Launched tonight so keep an eye out.


I am in discussions with people for other projects coming up, fitness wise, gaming wise and many otherwise so look out for announcements for them. Look out for BodyGuy as well,  A project I have high hopes for but its still in the talk faze.

body guy

..And of course look out for more content like movie and gaming trailers as always.. They come with this weeks package also! Do remember we are looking for writers also please do get in touch for more info at: JinkJones@ird-ent.com and ill see you through-out the week.

This post was written by @jinkJones, follow @iRDEntourage for more news, music, games and fashion. We do competitions too! See ya on the flipside!

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