[VIDEO] Toadette The Lesbian! [Mario Kart 8: S1 E3 w/JinkJones]

We are on the Star Cup on 50cc Playing as Rosalina. Welcome to our new comedy series featuring Mario Kart 8 and JinkJones. Jink will be cruising through all the GPs as they progressively get harder and harder, he will form alliances, he will form rivalries but at the end, it doesn't even matter as... Continue Reading →

[What to expect this week] Wolfenstein New order & Watch_Dogs Reviewors, @BodyGUY, Upcoming projects & More!

Hey guys.. apologies for the past week and a half of no content on here.. Been caught up with a couple of games, Wolfenstein: new order & Watch dogs on the PS4. I have been trying to 100% them both so i can give them though-rough Reviewor scores. Its mad, shouldn't have left it so... Continue Reading →

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