[TRAILER] Call of duty: Advanced Warfare looks sick! Out 4/11/14 (via @destructoid)


Details of the next installment of the call of duty franchise have been leaked early and it looks disgustingly SICK! Sledgehammer games (the guys who brought you modern warfare 3) choice in making this game only on next gen consoles only looks to be well received. The graphics looks amazing (For a call of duty atleast) and Kevin spacy’s face actually looks like effort has been put into it.


Myself as an on and off fan of call of duty games had minor hopes for this game, not having any belief in it at all. But seeing the trailer for it over on Destructoid got me gassed on the mark of nine! Mech suits, Dragonball Z tech jumps, killzone-esk grenades and guns, mandem looking like the new shape robo cop? Yeah?! Yeah?! Bring me in. The storymode also looks like the continuation from Ghosts with the two brothers and thier stories with there dad Atlas that I started to enjoy, I only got halfway through though.


See for yourself. Call of duty: Advanced Warfare will be out for PS4, Xbox One and PC November 4, 2014.


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