[Xbox One Trailer] Killer Instinct TJ Combo reveal (DLC Season 2)

This is the now the only xbox exclusive game that i want. I am buying a xbox one in september just for this game. Madting is they just confirmed my favourite character for it @ E3. I hope his 10 hit combo is still the same cos i will be rinsing it!¬†Enjoy the trailer. This... Continue Reading →

[TRAILER] Call of duty: Advanced Warfare looks sick! Out 4/11/14 (via @destructoid)

Details of the next installment of the call of duty franchise have been leaked early and it looks disgustingly SICK! Sledgehammer games (the guys who brought you modern warfare 3) choice in making this game only on next gen consoles only looks to be well received. The graphics looks amazing (For a call of duty... Continue Reading →

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