MY WISH FOR UNREAL TOURNAMENT FOREVER – A Competitive MatchMaking scene for player models and weap. skins & Rank etc #UT2014


First of all I would like to express my delight in hearing that they are reviving the UT series. When growing up in the LAN day when internet was starting to grow and become a thing I was big on the PC FPS scene, I loved it. I played this, CS 1.5, Serious Sam + Star wars Jedi Knight.

Once UT 3 came out, I fell off the scene as i didn’t really like where the game was going probably cos COD was in my head all the time. (I know im sorry i mentioned it)

With that said My wish for UTForever is that you release the game a ONCE YOU LOCK IN YOU PLAY heavy competitive matchmaking mode playing competitively for Rank, profile overlays, character models and weapon skins via random drops kinda like counterstrike GO and Halo 3 fused together.

The way these can be created can be from best PMs/POs/CMs/WSs from the community With the author authorisation. These can be earned via comp play or brought via the UTF store. [PLEASE NOTE NONE OF THESE THINGS GIVE THE PERSON A COMPETITIVE BUFF]

So what’s stopping someone from just buying the skin? Well thats exactly it. You can buy it. But maybe if you earned it, it could have a sense of rarity to it. So for example you could play comp play, win and get a ‘Well made Hello Kitty‘ flak 
cannon skin or a ‘superbly shiny Hello kitty‘ flak cannon skin which can be seen by checking out someones profile and seeing what the person is carrying. (I hope you get what i mean).


People who play games want to play games for a reason these days, more so for bragging rights to show off to friends and enemies alike (as well as for fun ;]). I personally am a collector so i would sit down from morning to night trying to get all the skins and rank. This would be a great drive to push people to get better at the game, learn level weapon respawn times and power up respawn times resulting in more people wanting to get into it since its free and get more store purchases. 

This game NEEDS to be simple but hard to master when playing against masters in competitive play, not any of the complicated game modes they added in the last UT. Just make 1v1DM, FFA, TDM, CTF and ASSAULT game modes. Please no sprints or invisibility or jet packs or any of that, just simple please.

But what about maps? Well do the same thing CSGO did where you release a selection of well made community maps for a token price split between the map creators and Epic gamesSo when you buy a token you will be able to play new maps that have certain PMs/POs/CMs/WSs assigned to them. So for example, Lockout – Kingdom Compound – Moat Tower – Rivercross are 
community maps (Medieval themed =]) that a person brought to play comp play on with the medieval token. When you own that token you are now free to earn certain PMs/POs/CMs/WSs drops from them whereby if you just had the first standard maps you cannot.

ImageAlso i hope that it would reach consoles as this would be a great ps4 free game where you could sell community made map tokens as revenue and add in new skins for skin drops In patches. This should be a great idea as the fact that it is free should get more and more people who wouldn’t pay for the game if they charged for it to get into it and want to buy the maps for the updates resulting in tons of sales.

Anyway that’s my wish list for this game. Anyone up for a discussion please use the comment section below. 🙂

This post was written by @jinkJones, follow @iRDEntourage for more news, music, games and fashion. We do competitions too! See ya on the flipside!

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