the #WiiUMeSoon event is over. I own one!


So after writing two posts on the Wii-U saga I was facing, I went Raggo mode and went and got myself one (at the expense of my xbox 360 slim, some ps3 & ps4 games). Most best choice I made since purchasing the PS4, which now I regret.

The convenience of laying in my bed with the Wii-U gamepad banging out call of duty Black Ops 2, Zelda Wind Waker HD & Batman Arkham Origins (The three games I own) is just perfect. Its way ahead of its time and running around earning a bloodthirsty shotgun spree is so satisfying before catching some Zzz’s..

The only thing I dislike about the whole thing is that there’s NO ACHIEVEMENTS/TROPHIES!! They are not necessary to games to enjoy them I know, but still I love the gloat factor of the whole thing. The way I’ll be over killing the super smash brothers Wii-U disc when it comes out everyone else needs to know about how many wins online and what characters I use the most, you dig!?! Sigh. I hate that.

Other than that I rate the console highly, it just needs more games. Love it and would recommend it.

Expect more talk about it in the future.

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