[#WiiUMeSoon] The Beautiful Bayonetta 2 (Wii-U Exclusive)


If you was fortunate enough to play with this fine lady back in 2010 you know what pleasure she can serve. (Oi.. Oi.. Behave!) This PS3 & Xbox 360 game felt for me was the devil may cry 3 Sequel that devil may cry 4 failed to be. Now replace the Cool and cocky white haired protagonist with a sleek and sexy flexible witch with hair that has demonic qualities and you have what is the perfect action adventure game ‘Bayonetta’.

For 4 years I have been looking for a sequel to use and abuse like the first. We get it but it is a certified Wii-U Exclusive which I don’t mind, it gives me a reason to pick a Wii-U up plus if Nintendo didn’t fund the return of Bayonetta we probably wouldn’t see a return in the first place so I guess a thanks is owed to Nintendo.

Anyway its still in development and no release date is Confirmed yet but Nintendie was nice enough to share another video showing more of the storyline and possibly a second playable character.. Anyone think Riley from boondocks?


Anyway enjoy the video thanks to @RajManGamingHD and do know when it drops I will be ghost for a day or two.

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Written by @JinkJones

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