Update on situation with the Playstation Network that cost me £54.99


If you remember a few weeks back I was in a dispute with Sony UK about a problem with a demo for zen pinball 2 that resulted in me buying a digital version of call of duty Ghosts,  a game a already own. This cost me £54.99 and it was taken off my debit card. After explaining this to Customer service and receiving a very Un-helpful response and sly rudeness I got no where. After asking a for manager I was declined and told managers had better things to deal with and I will not receive a refund. Fustrated I called my bank to block any transactions within the next few days, after sleeping on it I decided to contact Sony again to ask for assistance with my refund once more. I was decline a refund and a manager once more. I explained I was going to block the transaction and I asked what would happen if I was to do so. I was told my account would be blocked and I would loose all my purchases linked to it. I was offered a manager to call me back. I didn’t receive the call until the next day. I explained the situation to the manager and was declined again. I asked him to make checks on my account to recheck if the error can be reproduced and he said he will do that and Call me back. All now I am waiting for the call back.

Anyway after this I sold all my PS4 games and even had to debate with myself whether I wanted to still own a PS4. I had received legal advice from a good poster here on this site called James, even though he had advised me what to do alot had been happening in my personal life I had not taken any action YET. I come baring GOOD NEWS. I noticed that my wallet balance on the playstation store has recovered the £54.99 meaning I has that amount to spend on anything I want on there. I also still own the digital version of Ghosts.

Although it is not the results I wanted (A full refund to my card) I still am happy that I was credited for the fault with the demo. I would like to thank Sony UK, James and anyone who has shared the post earlier last month to help me get a result in my queries.
Even though I did get a result I still would like to see a change in the terms of user agreement. I do not believe in this no refund term that they stressed throughout. It is an unfair way to deal with customers who can have problems or make accidental purchases. A way to deal with this can be a 5 minute redemption period soon after where you can cancel the purchase before credited from the credit card on a two strike rule with credit card transactions only (excluding PSN card purchases). I also would like a response email to explain why I was credited the funds back to my PS4 account. (To be fair have not checked the email linked to my account).

Thank you once again everyone, my faith has been restored in Sony and this shows with determination justice can be served.


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