[#WiiUMeSoon] Nintendo is moving like they want me to buy a Wii-U ! Find out why in the upcoming posts!

You know what I actually said this more than 24 hours ago on twitter, look!

Nintendo has always been a good company, i will never deny that. Just got to me after a few years that it wasn’t really an adult console. It still owns all the characters I love, but you know I think it was time to move on.

Now i go to sleep at like 8 in the morning to wake up around 4pm to find out a bag of new info has been release about its up-coming line up via Nintendo Direct. This makes me happy. Very happy and recently my PS4 has been making me sad, very sad. I have owned a Wii for a good while now. Recently I have found myself playing very intense matches of Super smash bro’s brawl and No more heroes 1 and 2 and no doubt i have found myself intertwined with this white machine once again. I considered selling my xbox 360 and PS3 but not my wii. I mean its worth tuppence now anyway (£30 – £40 for a console max). But games of fun a friendship are on this machine.

I have never even touched a Wii U, nor seen one in the flesh but i want one. Not for my future family, not for my little sister but for ME! The graphics and colours alone draw me to its beauty. I mean just look at this hi-rez image of Wind waker HD  running on it below:


Yessssss, look at that sexyness… Anyway enough with my yapping, let me reveal what info was released over the past day that has confirmed my purchase. Look out for the next few posts today here on ird-ent.com with the hash tag ‘#WiiUMeSoon’ and gawk with me at the same time. Get ready!

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Written by @JinkJones

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