Video: Kids explain how to make a sandwich in weird ways on WONDER SHOWZEN


I dont know if its because its nearly 3am and i’m tired as hell or i’m just very messed up in a unique way, I just thought I should share with you lot my experience of venturing on the weird side of the internet again. Back in MTVs glory days where they had casual TV programs on lock with the likes of Jackass, Drawn together, South Park, Dirty Sanchez, etc. they also gave us this show. This is the Wonder Showzen! It was basically an Adult kids show (When you watch it you’ll know what I mean). I was one of the many few who caught it when it was shown on MTV but i wish people knew about this other than me and my brother. It used to make me cry with laughter, like real tears. 

Anyway watch the video below. I dont know why but it can be taken seriously. But if you notice towards the end you can’t help but laugh at the way the whole thing is just edited. Why is the russian boy taking like some Evil villain? Why is the black youth moving syco? And why is the camera zooming in and out like that? In this one minute video its just makes us think a whole lot of WTFs. But the deeper thing to it is, effectively each kid explains how to make a sandwich all in ways that you can tell what they will be like when they will be older. Think about it deeply.

Even though i would like the minute of my life back i loved every second of it.

I will be uploading more vid’s from this show later on today. I will introduce you to Clarence. He’s Elmo’s very Annoying cousin and he’s best part of the show.

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