Devilman Has and Will Always Be Grime’s Finest [Video]


Devilman’s always had a deep part of my grime library. You know what I meeeeean yeah?! He was the first grime spitter I had heard from the midlands and he definitely put the northerners on map. His twisted bars and unusual flow is what brought a lot of us to him, he even had a legit clash with Boy Better Know’s Skepta on Lord of the Mics 2 where in all honesty it had me in a tug of war in my mind as to who won. He is a very talented man and it was very detectible by others.

For awhile, i feel he had been off the scene, I don’t know if he was still making music or on radio sets but I hadn’t heard from him in a long while and now with all of the best of the midlands starting to make their moves I felt he was behind the trees just watching. It’s mad as well because grime has been deteriorating recently to the point that house has become my favourite genre.

And then we come to today. As I open my youtube subscription’s i notice a lil box from the Rinse FM channel. It was a video named ‘The Grime Show: Treble Clef & Devilman’ with Sir Spyro (Its also the video below). Watching this video definitely got my hype back on the high around grime and Devilman. His presence on set is untouchable and on a five star rate. Just watch the video, bob your head and get with it cos this one like a homeless person with a 50 grand chain! (Devilman fans know what i’m on about). 

Thank you, Development, Sir spyro and rinse FM.

If you want Sir spyros full show featuring devilman, I can upload the podcast on here as it seems like it has been removed off the Rinse website on request in comment section below. Follow everyone mentioned @WARDEVILMAN @RinseFM @SIRSPYRO on twitter. 

= [*Update – is the full set download*]

– Written by @JinkJones

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