Killzone Shadow fall (PS4) – [iRD Top secret Multiplayer footage x2]


This game is one of the two candidates that i think most definitely stole the show for me. You have to see it close up! the framerate, graphics, shadows, neon lights, search lights, particle effects, weapons, muzzle flash, everything was stunning! Its a shame I didn’t get to play the game myself, there was a huge line to wait and I didn’t wanna just cut in with my press access and piss off anyone who had been waiting a long time but I wish I had. This game already looked impressive from when it was shown for the first time at the Sony PS4 press conference. I love it, and due to me not having a lot of funds straight after when I buy myself a PS4 there will be a life-changing decision whether to get this or Battlefield 4 the following month. I’m actually thinking about it now and that is a very hard decision indeed. There will be an article on how i feel on battlefield 4 after playing it at EGX very soon, definitely read that, but for now enjoy this exclusive top secret footage of killzone SF before I got told to stop recording. (Apparently its an unfinished game).

Also there is a very exclusive video of how the sniping works only for the the website subscribers below and the sniper looks powerful and Scweeet!!


Multiplayer Footage of territories mode 

Multiplayer Sniping on Search and destroy mode

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