Warframe (PS4) – First impressions [Exclusive iRD Footage]


Waframe looks very interesting, I can’t really say much because I didn’t really care for this game before seeing it at Eurogamer. A lot of my steam friends play it including my little brother and now i’m thinking why didn’t I. I’m advising myself to put some time into it this weekend on pc for definite as i didn’t get time to play it at the expo. From what it looks like in the video below it seems like a Third person version of COD: Modern Warfare 3’s Spec op mode where you face waves over different types of enemies, but checking youtube videos its also of a Co-op raid game where you and others run through levels taking out enemies and claiming loot. Looks good, seems fun. Had it downloaded on steam from last night so i’ll try it and let you lot know what its really about. When its finally out on the ps4 i’ll give you a full review. Until then, watch our exclusive gameplay footage of the PS4 version here:

space ninjas FTW.

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