Blacklight: Retribution (PS4) – First impressions [Exclusive iRD Footage]

Blacklight-Retribution-logo640At the first quarter of this year this game was released on PC. Upon learning that it was free to play I got very excited and downloaded it off steam almost instantly. I loved it and had my fun but due to not having consistently interactive steam friends, playing it started to droop for me. I wanted to play it, but the loneliness was too much. Also i didn’t like the amount of micro-transactions we had to purchase to enjoy this game fully. A lot of people said this game was pay to win game instead of a free to play. Soon it will be F2P on the PS4 on release. This makes me happy. Very happy. Having a lot of personal friends on PSN that are very consistent I know i can get the enjoyment I want from this on the PS4. I can’t wait. Hopefully it won’t be pay to win on this platform too.

Watch the exclusive footage we recorded here in HD:

I have high hopes for this game because i know it has the potential to be the god of all FPSF2P games that will be on consoles, a trendsetter. When its out i will definitely let ya’ll know if it plays a part in my heart.

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