Resogun (PS4) – First Impressions [Exclusive iRD Footage]


Now if you need a game to show you the beauty of the PS4 HD powers, show them this game. I have not seen a visually stunning game like this in a long time. The explosions, laser shots and just… Everything lights up the screen! View this footage below to see what we saw and make sure you watch in 720 HD:

I need to experience this myself on my TV, on my ps4, on my own. I like self Eye-gasms. In all seriousness though, i am not really into space shoot-em-up’s but this interests me. The last game i wanted to play like this was ‘Ikaruga’ back on the dreamcast and Gamecube and i still didn’t get to play that. When I get my PS4 i will definitely pick this up and give my full review on it.

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