Did you know there was an Power Rangers x TMNT Cross-over episode? *Watch Here!*


Yes its true! I randomly typed in ‘TMNT crossover’ looking for the special episode where the old turtles team up with the new age turtles (Its called TMNT Forever BTW.. Ill post the link for that too) and i came across a video in the Google search called Power Rangers – Shell Shocked’. Me and my cousin look at it like whats this? Then we click it to see to the Power Rangers in space crew being defended by the TMNTs with some random turtle girl with a light blue bandanna. No way did that happen.. but i’m glad it did.  Playing the TMNT: Out of the Shadows game recently has rekindled my love for the turtles and their corny puns.

Re-light your Turtle power below!

Power Rangers – Shell shocked (Only the first part sorry!)

Click Here! (Im not allowed to put the video on this site for some reason)


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles FOREVER

Expect a TMNT: Out of the Shadows review real real soon.


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