TOP 5 tunes that GTA V has introduced to me


Every time a GTA game comes out and i play it extensively, I grow attached to the radio stations and what music they have to hear. Gladly enough, they are real tunes that exist in the real world unlike the songs in other games. This is how I know about majority of the beautiful song of the 80’s such as ‘The Pointer Sisters – “Automatic”‘ or ‘Gary Numan – “Cars”‘ like the back of my hands. Anyway after jumping in cars with obscene music playing you have to change it right? Well these were the top 5 tunes that got me excited when i found out the tunes were playing. Lets go DJ!

5. Cashmere Cat – Mirror Matu

This tune reminds me of rugrats for some reason, like if they were causing trouble in a music room. I mean if you listen theres squeaks of Chuckie’s sneakers, the xylophone of their transition tune playing in the background, Phil and lil playing the Harp, Tommy walking across the piano and Angelica shouting into the wrong way of a trombone to make her voice sound much deeper and weirder than it is! But all jokes aside this is a beautiful tune to listen to whilst on a long driving mission and just.. Zone. out. to.. You know?.. Yeah! You know!

4. Guts – Brand new revolution 

The intro threw me off making me think it was an old 80s tune but HOT damn I was wrong! Since i’m a fading house lover, any new unique house-y kinda music I’m open to. I didn’t hear this tune much, but when I did I turned up my speakers and cruised along the sunny highways of Los Santos bubbling in a deep trance singing along saying ‘Arooo, Arooo, Arooo!’ like some any madman. Thanks Guts!

3. A$AP ROCKY – R-Cali

I knew the likes of Kendrick Lemar, 2 Chains and even Rick Ross were involved in the soundtrack in this game but I had no idea that A$AP rocky was involved. I won’t lie, I didn’t check for him before this just to avoid jumping on the bandwagon that everyone was on last year for him. I’m weird like that. Anyway, playing as Franklin with his fully modded orange muscle car and driving down Vinewood Avenue i changed the station to hear these strings, these snares and kick drums tearing up my sub-woofer attached to my surround sound in my bedroom. I started bouncing on the spot like one of them little nodding dogs you used to find in windows of cars. Best rap tune on there, and i will be checking out A$AP Rocky’s tunes from now on, trust me cuh!

2. The Hics – Cold Air

Before playing this tune, make sure your best headphones are plugged in or your speakers are at a moderate level. Press play, close your eyes and let this song take you. Its soft and could mean a lot if you’re feeling emotional after a breakup or something. Man up though. I was surprised to hear such tune on GTA though, its a new vibe but i love it. The female vocalist voice is very enchanting too. Reminds me of the band ‘Submotion Orchestra’. I love to admire pure beauty.

1. Inc. – The Place

Speaking of beauties, this one deserves diamonds and gold. Theres something about it that makes me feel the soul of it. Combine it with destructive drums that the drummer has as his beat pattern and you cant help but put on your screwface and embrace it. I mean it though, soul music needs to have more drum pattern like this and It could take over as my favourite type of music. Rockstar clearly has a talented music selection crew and has made a hit, not just in a music way but in a whole game way. Rockstar has made history in my heart. Once again, Thank you Rockstar.

gtaradio  gta-radio-3

Also, if you didn’t know, there is a GTA Radio app on the Android app store with all music from the previous games at your disposal to enjoy, Its free too! I expect there to be an update with the tunes from the newest GTA very soon so keep your eyes pealed.

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