Why do assistants in GAME know nothing about GAMEs?

After taking a day off from posting due to me having the GTA virus that has been flying around, I’m back. On my time off I’ve been thinking.. Alrite see,  I can only speak from experiences at GAME Croydon even recently when I went to buy GTA I have been a victim to their lies and lack of knowledge.
Here are a few examples…

One sales advisor said to me in store whilst talking about GTA:


The map on GTA is so big that it will take 3 and a half hours, REAL TIME, to drive from one side of the country to the other side

I wanted to laugh and slap him at the same time. See me I do my research and kotaku.com had told me it takes 6 mins from coast to coast, much less than The 3 and a half hours the sales advisor proclaimed. So I wonder what made him so sure that he could say this and tell a customer this.

Recently Whilst waiting at the front of the line for the midnight release for GTA V there was a lil dude who decided to poke his head out of the entrance door at around 11:55 to tell us some info. It was to sell GAME’S disc protection.  He said to about 30 guys grouped around the door that:

This game is a quad core game,  meaning it has 3 different games on two discs okay?  This means because it is a dual layer disc, one scratch and the game will stop working.. So we would advise you to buy disc protection for just £1!

How wrong these sentences were made me screw up my face. There is no such thing as a quad core ps3/x360 game.  The game runs exactly like all the other games will and did before and after it.
Well done on pointing out that it is a dual layer disc mate but every xbox game is on a dual layer disc,  please don’t try to make out it is a special disc that only GTA comes on because it’s such a big game. I even asked if this was the same for the ps3 version of the game knowing that the blue ray discs the games come on for the ps3 could hold tons more compared to a dual layer disc the x360 use. The guy. said that the ps3 version will have two discs too. When I opened the case I was greeted to one disc. What rubbish.
I’m still waiting to see the three different games that were embedded on these discs  because two seem to be hiding.
Oh yeah and the one scratch thing is rubbish too depending on whether or not your trying to stab the disc itself.

Don’t get me wrong the disc protection offer seems like an advisable thing to buy for a pound but still don’t lie to me to get me to buy it.

There was also an incident a day before where there was a lady cashier that obviously had no idea about games intercepted mine and the other lads conversation talking about GTA, she came in saying:

I don’t understand the hype about this GTA game. Everyone is asking about it.

Sigh. I didn’t even know what to say. You work in a game store and you have not even taken time out to research or see what the interest Is around the most anticipated game of the year.

I know it’s just a job and I know these can all be harmless mistakes but my dig is not at the sales advisors but it’s more so at the managers who hire such people. Some of the advisors I have come across clearly have no interest in games and only want to earn a shilling. Thats all good but at the same time you need people in a shop like that to specialise in this trade, with the interests, with the research and knowledge to advise people properly.
I’ve always said.. If I worked in there i could help people choose the right games and know what they want because I know games.
But that’s not how the world works these days.


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