GTAV: Damned & Lost *Spoilers – Only read once you start playing as Trevor*

Oh holy hell! This is why I love rockstar! So if you didn’t notice,  once you start playing as Trevor you are in a close encounter with a girl. But the girl is the girlfriend of one of our old friends from liberty city (GTA4).


Who remembers this guy?  If you watched the missions properly in GTA4 or brought the DLC that came out for it you would have noticed that this is Johnny from the first DLC ‘The lost and the Damned’.

They brought him back in a deep way. So deep that when I saw him I was screaming at my TV saying “OH MY DAYS” 20 times over. But they really did make him look moist. I’m upset what happens with him. I’m not gonna say much just incase your reading this with noticing my previous warning of Spoilers.  But thank you rockstar keep it coming.

Also, did anyone notice the brief mention of Niko Bellic in one of Lesters earlier missions? Made me shout Yessssss!

Anyways I’m gonna get back to the game.  I’ll keep you posted on any other finds.



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