Game Croydon expecting at least 2000 GTA V midnight launch attendees

Hey all.  Little update. If you live in the croydon area you know that GAME is the only place you can legitly go to get GTA V at midnight. If you plan to attend I would advise you to go very early. Why?  Well due to the GAME in Kingston being shut down recently all pre-orders have been shifted over to the Croydon store.
This means on top of the 800+ of us in croydon that have to wait in line, there is expected to be at least 1200 more making their way down from Kingston and their
surrounding branches. Thats alot of people and alot of transactions. I don’t wanna be the guy at the end of the line leaving at 3am.
I will be arriving for 11pm to get at least a decent place in line. Expect me (If I can be bothered) to be interviewing people in the line for banter and jokes.

See ya there.

P. S. I didn’t get my early copy. Game On in croydon was looking for £60 for something that is coming out in less than 12 hours for £45. I’ll take my business elsewhere.


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