What are YOU gonna do first when GTAV comes for you brother!?

I don’t know but for some reason i have some mad urge to tell everyone I have spoken to about GTA V what i will do first on the game. Everyone knows i can’t wait. I have fallen out with my main girl over this game, so my life is destined to be with that now.

Anyway when I get to the point of free roaming on GTA V the first thing I HAVE TO DO is go back to grove street! I have to see if it still Greened up. I Have to see if the Johnson family house are there. I have to see if there is any sign of Carl Johnson ANYWHERE. That is my life mystery at the moment. If i was to keel over and die right now my life would not be absolute without knowing that information.

Sure I could just look online to see if theres leaks as to Carl Johnson’s whereabouts in the game but nah, I need to experience it myself.

4 hours left and counting..

What will you do when you finally get to free roam on the long awaited GTA V?

Tell us in the comments below!



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