GTA V: The beginning of the end of my life

So i will be able to get a early copy of GTA V tomorrow after work. I will get it. I will go home. I will put it in and I will disappear off the face of the living earth with my existence to only be known on the Playstation Network.

Now to be fair to the people who care about me, I think its only right to call them and explain my time away from them. So i call Miss C, the princess on the scene, to say my goodbyes. She explains that she knew this day was coming. I explain that I explained that this day was coming, and she asked me am i sure, like it was her in one hand and the game in the other.

I chose the game.. She replies ‘Okay cool, goodbye Alex’ and hangs up. I sigh, remove the phone from the side of my head and say to myself ‘Theres no going back now’.

Welcome to the beginning of the end of my life.


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