Alexander Rose – Digital Marketing Example of a personal Digital Marketing project

Here is an example of a campaign I created for a personal project. Although the results were not groundbreaking, we still managed to get 100+ people to be invested in the project. Despite this, I was eager to analyse and identify ways I needed to improve and learn from it to get better results. I am also eager to learn and improve my techniques to become the best Digital Marketer. Please see the Gallery below for the findings of my project.


Page 1: Title and tools used for the campaign

Page 2: Creating hype, scheduling posts, and keeping track of interactions via social media

Page 3: Analytic Data and Final Results

Page 4: The Report (Available here:

Page 5: Weaknesses of the Campaign

Page 6: Strengths of the Campaign

Page 7: Where to improve and the final persona Conclusion of the project


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