6 characters who should return in Street Fighter V’s season pass two

Street Fighter V has been out since February and it has undoubtedly been dominating the Esports scene. Evo 2016 was a spectacle to watch and Capcom pro tour is rapidly approaching to see us out of the year. Among that, season one of of the season pass which included the 6 DLC characters, Alex, Guile, Ibuki, Balrog, Juri, and the soon to be released Urien, will soon end and we all know Capcom will definitely release a season pass two. Who could the next 6 characters be? Well.. Ill share with you who I would want for season two.

I think Akuma is a must in this series. We need a pure evil bad ass character that we can feel unstoppable with when beating people online. Right now I don’t think Bison, Fang and Necalli have the right type of evil in them to maintain this feel. Many believe he wasn’t put in the game originally because he is a main character in the upcoming Tekken game, Tekken 7: Fated Retribution. It would be neat for Akuma to come back after Tekken 7 drops, intertwining that storyline with whatever happens in that with his mini storyline in street fighter 7. He could have small move changes that signifies his battle with Heihachi. Spin Kick shoryuken anyone ?

Sakura, a high school student with a BIG fascination with Ryu, has been an everlasting part of the series, appearing in 2 of the main games and 5 of the cross over series, she definitely needs to return. Her obsession with Ryu pushed Sakura to Learn some of Ryu’s fighting style, whilst putting her own flavor in it creating her own moveset. She would definitely fit in with the system of the game, with her crazy overheads and lows, remixed Hadoukens and tatsumakis, she would be a miniature tool of destruction. But that’s not why I want her in the game… Sakura basically had her own main spin off game called Rival schools, set in her high school with loads of unique characters and fighting styles. It would be amazing to have her as a reason to have guest characters from the rival school series. I mean I reckon they are going to do this anyway as a few of the characters are seen in the back drop of one of the stages on Street fighter V.

Q is one of my favorite characters and that’s crazy because I can’t play him effectively. He’s a favorite because of his eeriness and lack of backstory, If you combine that with his mysterious design, he just needs to be expanded upon. Q starts stalking the Street Fighter cast in Street Fighter 3rd strike, which is set after this game by the way, this would be a great way to possibly state as to why he started doing so. Maybe a hint at his identity would be great. Q is a heavy hitter too, combined with his juggles I reckon he would be right at home in Street Fighter V.

Dudley is another definite must. He is the king of the swingers crew with his straights, overheads and general combo mix ups. He doesn’t really have a compelling storyline, neither can they change his look as he looks the same in both street fighter 3 and 4, which are set before and after this game, so I can’t base my wishes for him on a image change but I really think he’s designed for the gameplay of this game. He’s fast and already has ways to avoid hadouken spam with his ducking move which could end up to be his v skill. Dudley wasn’t played by many in street fighter 4 but when he was used by people like pro player ‘Smug’, he was amazing to watch.

Not many people know Maki unless they had played street fighter alpha 3 MAX on the PSP or Capcom vs. SNK 2. She is a young blonde female ninja who strives to be the successor to the Bushin fighting style after her father died, seeking out the best of the best of the ninja who practice this style. She confronts Guy, another character from the street fighter series, in street fighter alpha 3. I really do think she could have a sweet storyline to bring with her as she could be ibuki’s new rival as they are both young female ninjas from different ninja clan, with one that takes being a ninja seriously and one that does not. She has great air moves as well as a long reach due to the weapon Tonfa she garnishes on her wrist. It would be a smart move as Capcom seem to be focusing on the females DLC outfit-wise. Capcom please.

Serious Dan
Yes, serious Dan. Dan Hibiki, Starting in the street fighter alpha series, created by Capcom to poke fun at an character in the SNK fighting game series (Ryo) because SNK created a character based off the two main characters from the street fighter series (Ken and ryu), he became the running joke of the series since. He was given a weak moveset as part of the joke, whilst he runs, taunts and cries his way through battle, Capcom created him so no one took him seriously. But what if all that changed? Dan has a pretty sad backstory. When Dan was younger, Dan’s father was an avid rival of Sagat. In a fierce battle Dan’s father, took Sagat’s eye, Hence the eye patch, in which in retaliation, Sagat beat Dan’s father to death. I am pretty sure the torment and quest for revenge has taken a toll on Dan, and although arrogance in the past, they could make Dan have a realization that he needs to be serious, making him want to create his own style of fighting. Quite like how the Tekken series had a sort of joke character Bob, who was a large bloke with fast moves, who eventually became a secret character in Tekken Tag 2 who wasn’t large anymore but slim. Slim bob took everyone by surprise and they loved it. Serious Dan would be amazing for the season pass and once announced I’m pretty sure everyone would jump at the opportunity to try him out.

Who would you like to see in the next edition of the Street Fighter V season pass? If there are any you can think of that wasn’t mentioned here please make sure you comment below!



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