iRundis Entourage is proud to Announce the newest ‘simple showdown’ event coming soon to our youtube channel. Simple Showdown: Online Edition – COLD ROADS will pit 8 racers on 6 different course type for one championship on the PS4 game ‘Need For Speed’. 

We are looking for competitors! This game only facilitates 8 players so spaces will be very limited, You can get involved and be in the runnings for the championship, but only if you believe you are entertaining and believe you can win!


What would we need from you? Reliability,  a sense of humour and a lot of hype talk! We do promo segments so if you aren’t local to us for us to film your segments with our HD camera, you would have to film your own segments for us to upload to the channel. Other than that all you need is the game, a PS4 system and a good and stable internet connection, we don’t take excuses in the war so sort it out before!


The game will be Need for Speed 2015 on the PS4. We aim to record the actual event around mid March to allow people to amp up thier car(s) to the max! Learn the ‘selected races/drift events’ (to be announced) as best as they can and submit thier promo videos to hype up the event!

There will be:

  • 6 Events
  • 8 competitors
  • Police chases
  • And only 1 winner for the racing championship

Make sure you Stay tuned to the page for updates on  this event!


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