[Announcement] Far Cry 4 confirmed for release Nov 2014


Far cry is a series I’ve grown up playing for hours apon hours, years apon years.. Far cry instincts predator and Far Cry 2 are my most beloved in the series. I was very unsatisfied with Far cry 3’s multiplayer segment, although the single player and Blood dragon DLC rocked for me.
Ubisoft have just announced the newest edition to the roster set in Kyrat, a beautiful, but dangerous area in the wild Himalayas.
I’m excited but I hope they make this a next gen exclusive that can further boost the graphics and I hope they combine the best mechanics from each game and such as the multiplayer from 1 and 2 and the great storyline from 3.
It comes out on 20th November 2014. See you soon in the wilderness.


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